President Trump Denies Rumors That His Administration Opposes Breastfeeding Resolution

Date July 11, 2018 11:12

Donald Trump denies the rumors that his administration opposes a breastfeeding resolution. In his recent tweet, the president explained his vision of the matter.


Does Donald Trump support breastfeeding?

On Monday, President Trump released a tweet in which he criticizes a New York Times report considering breastfeeding. In particular, Trump denies the magazine’s remarks that his administration opposes a resolution that aims to promote and support breastfeeding.


Trump wrote:

The failing NY Times Fake News story today about breastfeeding must be called out. The U.S. strongly supports breastfeeding but we don’t believe women should be denied access to formula.

The president added that he also understands the option of infant feeding with a formula, as many women need it due to malnutrition or poverty.

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Trump’s tweet is a response to the NY Times report about his reported ‘opposition’ to the breastfeeding:

Global health experts said the president’s stance suggested a lack of knowledge about breast-feeding.


By the way, it was not the first time when President Trump accused mass media of fake news. After a scandal with Melania’s ‘I don’t care’ jacket, Donald also took to Twitter to express his attitude to the “Fake News Media.”


Do you think our administration should support a major breastfeeding resolution? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

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