Shocking Animal Cruelty Case: Defenseless Puppy Had His Four Paws And Tail Cut Off By A ‘Monster’

The images of a defenseless puppy that had all his legs and tail cut off by a ‘monster’ generated the huge national outrage. Such brutal cruelty against the innocent creature makes people ask just one thing: “How can humans be so savage?!”

Shocking animal cruelty case

The little puppy, whose four paws and tail were cut off, was left to die in a Turkish forest. The wounded animal was found by other people who were shocked by the creepy picture they saw in the woods.

The bleeding puppy was taken to a vet hospital where he died after two days.

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The case has emerged the wave of public outrage worldwide, and the pictures of the poor dog caused vivid discussions on social media.

The local authorities and even the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, have promised to personally control the course of the investigation of this devastating case. Erdogan added he would not calm down until the savages will be punished.

There is nothing acceptable about this, but it is very important to show this awareness.

The sad incident showed a rare unity among citizens of the country. Animal rights groups said to join forces to make animal rights legislation to be on the parliament’s agenda in the nearest future. One of the party leaders, Meral Aksener, said in his statement:

I hope to God that those who hurt a small puppy find what they deserve in the afterlife.

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We are deeply sorry about the puppy’s death and join the worldwide community in their fight against animal cruelty.

We look forward to hearing your opinions on the problem of animal abuse in the comments. Your point of view really matters.

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