Three Teen Graffiti Artists Were Hit And Killed By A Coming Train While Working On A New Masterpiece

Three young men in their 20s have died after being struck by a coming train. The men were believed to be the graffiti artists who lost their lives while working on a new masterpiece.

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Fatal tragedy on the tracks

Police are investigating the sad death of three young graffiti artists who were killed by a freight train near Loughborough Station in London.

The tragedy happened late at night. Spray cans and latex gloves were found near the men’s bodies. Experts also found fresh graffiti tags on a low wall dividing the railway line.

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Officials are investigating why the young men came to be on the tracks at the midnight. Among other options, they also consider a suicide attempt.

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However, the most obvious cause of the tragedy is believed to be the so-called “adrenaline buzz,” which makes street artists take great risks in search for difficult-to-reach locations to be painted over.

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A police officer explained to the local news:

Why would three guys walk down that stretch of track at the midnight? There are different sorts of graffiti, but if you’re in London, you don’t care. It’s a buzz, it’s an adrenaline thing.

According to the officials, while investigations continue, their focus is on supporting the victims’ families at this painful time and gathering as much evidence as they can.

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