Valerie Jarrett Finally Breaks Her Silence After Roseanne Barr’s Racist Tweet. Will She Respond In The Same Manner?

Date July 27, 2018

Valerie Jarrett, a person who unintentionally resulted in one of the most popular series’ cancellation, finally breaks her silence and reveals her vision of the matter. That must be interesting!

Valerie Jarrett comments on Roseanne’s tweet

We’ve heard so much about her since ABC canceled Roseanne, but most of us even have no idea how she looks like in real life. We talk about Valerie Jarrett, a woman who stands behind ABC’s biggest hit cancellation.

On Wednesday, Mrs. Jarrett made her appearance on The View to discuss Barr’s racist tweet and even more.

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When being asked about Roseanne’s controversial tweet that keeps making headlines even now, Jarrett responded: “Roseanne who?”

Then, Valerie continued:

In all seriousness, as I’ve said before, I’m fine. I mean, things are the things that keep me up at night. Not a racist tweet. … I think there are just so many issues that are more important.

Talking about more important things, Jarrett stressed on those families being separated at the border.


You can watch the interview with Valerie Jarrett below.

By the way, Roseanne Barr released another video last week in which she apologized again for her harsh remark about Valerie. However, Barr made it in her own bizarre manner.

Roseanne’s ‘apology’ video 

Warning! The video contains a strong language and content which may be unsuitable for children and psychologically sensitive people.

There is a huge difference between these two videos, isn’t it? Please share your opinion in the comments.

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