Meghan Markle Doesn't Love Harry As Much As He Loves Her, Says The Actress Who Plays The Duchess

Date May 23, 2019

Who knows Meghan Markle best of all? Her mother Doria or maybe her husband Harry? It appears an actress who plays the Duchess in the upcoming movie knows much more about Meghan than anyone else. Well, at least, she claims so.


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Harry loves Meghan more than she loves him

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s beautiful love story resembles a fairytale. A lot of girls around the globe dream of meeting their charming prince. Meghan was the one who made her dream became true, and we are very happy for her.


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Since the royal lovebirds tied the knot last year, the constant attention of the public is focused on them. Royal watchers think they know everything about Harry and Meghan’s relationships due to multiple reports in mass media.


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But who knows Harry and Meghan best of all? Maybe, it’s the people who portray them in the upcoming movie?

Tiffany Smith, the actress who plays Duchess Meghan in the upcoming film Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal, sheds light on what she really thinks about Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

Tiffany said she studied the Duchess for months while preparing for her big role and, now, she shares her opinion in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

The actress said:

Well, what I will say is that Harry gives Meghan the ‘I love you look’ a lot more than she does to him.

She added:

I remember my grandmother would always tell me: ‘You need to make sure that the guy loves you more.’


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Hmm! It’s a pretty controversial opinion, don’t you think? When Meghan looks at Harry, we definitely see the love in her eyes. That’s for sure!

Do you agree with the actress’ words that Harry loves Meghan more than she loves him? We're very excited to hear your thoughts on this matter.