Teenager Sustains Second-Degree Burns Due To The 'Deodorant Challenge'


May 14, 2018 10:43 By Fabiosa

There is a new craze with teenagers that is spreading through schools and posing a health hazard. It has been dubbed the ‘deodorant challenge’. Apparently, children hold a can of deodorant against their skin, press the button, and hold it in place for as long as they can.

Speaking with ITV’s This Morning, Kaitlyn Stanley confessed that she had burnt herself on several occasions playing the game with friends in school.

My friends started doing it. You spray it and then it goes white and it looks really cool so I tried it.

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It was clear during the interview that 12-year-old Kaitlyn had no idea she was causing damage to her skin. When Sara Stanley asked her if she understood what she was doing, Kaitlyn replied “no”.

Kaitlyn’s mom, Sara Stanley, is very concerned about the danger children like her daughter are exposing themselves to in the name of playing the games. She started a campaign on Facebook, warning children and parents of the dangers involved.

Kaitlyn has already suffered several burns and her mother hopes that the graphic images will serve as a deterrent to other children.

It might be an epidemic

Jamie Prescott also raised the alarm on Facebook, as her own 10-year-old daughter played the game and got severely burnt. The horrified mother says that her daughter may even require a skin graft to fix the damage to her body.

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People are upset

Many parents have been sharing their concerns about the disastrous game and its consequences as well as offer warnings of their own.

Where exactly the game began is still a mystery, but it is hardly surprising that it has spread so fast. With more children using social media these days, just about anything can become a trend overnight. In this light, there is a need for parents to keep a better eye on their children and what they share on the internet.

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