Medical Mystery! 3 Friends Have Been Diagnosed With A Rare Form Of Eye Cancer. Is It Just A Coincidence?


May 11, 2018 15:56 By Fabiosa

Three friends have each been diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer. It turned out that different groups in various states have also received the same diagnosis. 

Ocular Melanoma

The ladies, who all attended Auburn University, were diagnosed with a condition known as 'Ocular melanoma', which is simply a melanoma of the eyes. The condition is quite rare. According to researchers, it's usually found in just six out of every one million people. 

Some risk factors for this condition include light eyes, fair skin type, and a condition known as dysplastic nevus syndrome.

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A medical mystery

At the age of 27, Juleigh Green was diagnosed with this condition. Green paid a visit to her doctor when she began noticing odd flashes of light. After some tests were done, she was told that there was a mass in her eye. 

Green's college friend Allison Allred was the next to be diagnosed. She also reported seeing "some mild flashes of light." Her doctor gave her the same news that Green received - her retina was detached because "there's a 10-millimeter melanoma sitting on it."

Both women eventually had to have an eye removed. Then, the third bomb hit - their friend, Ashley McCrary, found black spots in her iris. She was diagnosed with the same rare cancer.

Dr. Marlana Orloff, an oncologist treating McCrary, said it was concerning that the three friends were diagnosed with the same form of very rare eye cancer.

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There is no cure for this particular condition, and unfortunately, Allred's cancer has recurred nine times in six different places in her body since the diagnosis. She's currently battling it in her brain and has begun radiation, she told CBS.

Making a difference

McCrary has set up a Facebook page to raise awareness for this condition in hopes that a cure will be found. She is also getting the word out, so people can know about the symptoms and get checked. 

In addition, she has since received information from 36 people who said they attended Auburn University and have also been diagnosed with ocular melanoma.

The university is hoping that the awareness and research will lead to some answers and, perhaps, a cure.

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