Baby McKenna Shows Signs Of Improvement After Softball Accident That Severely Injured Her Head

Date May 31, 2018 13:30

After religiously following McKenna Hovenga’s story - the 7-week-old infant who was hit in the head by an overthrown and left her with a skull fracture – the family finally confirms she is showing signs of improvement!

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Kassy Hovenga and her beautiful little daughter McKenna were waiting to watch the patriarch of the family, Lee Hovenga, to play in a recreational softball game when the ball hit them.

Baby McKenna, who was only 7 weeks old at the time, was immediately hospitalized. The doctors raised their fears that the baby could have brain damage.

Since the accident, McKenna has suffered a lot of seizures, but the doctors managed to get that under control. She was placed in a “deep coma” to help the healing process. 

Thankfully, the little baby is a true fighter!

According to the family’s Facebook page, McKenna is now opening her eyes and following her mother’s movement, which is a huge step forward form what it was before. The family’s relative, Laura Heise, wrote:

She definitely has more awake periods and her eyes are wide open. She tracks Kassy’s face and voice.

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Nonetheless, doctors are still concerned that McKenna doesn’t have any control over some of her eye movement. This could be caused by the brain’s injury, or it could be a side effect of the anti-seizure medication she was given. Now, doctors are trying to reduce her medication to track if there will be any changes in her symptoms.

McKenna’s family set up a page on YouCare to raise money for the baby’s present and future medical care expenses. People are still continuing to support the little girl and her family with both money and prayers.