Community Responded To White Woman Who Called Police On Black People Barbecuing

Date May 31, 2018 13:29

This is a story of one unfortunate event that turned into a big street party.

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It all began on April 29. A white woman allegedly called police on a few black people who, according to her, were using a charcoal grill in an area where it was banned. But when the police arrived, nobody was arrested. The whole situation was captured on a video, which collected more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Michelle Dione / YouTube

It only added fuel to the fire, as this is not the first time white people calling the police on black people for very trivial reasons. Previously, a few black women were checking out of the Airbnb place when they got surrounded by police, including seven cars and even a helicopter. As it turned out, the senior neighbor called on them thinking it was a robbery.

The situations like that happen every day. That’s why a community of people decided to organize a BBQ party to combat the racism.

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Jhamel Robinson, a graphic designer who offered help in organizing the "BBQing While Black", commented on the barbeque incident:

It was disgusting and infuriating. Also, very offensive.

Robinson and his friend, Logan Cortez, created a flyer and sent it around to everyone they knew. The message also spread quickly on social media. Robinson added:

All age groups showed up, from newborns all the way to elders. Former and current Oakland residents, people from the Bay Area and even someone who traveled from Los Angeles. We had 30 street vendors, local businesses, six DJs playing hip-hop, R&B and '80s soul music. There were dance contests and local council candidates.

It wasn’t just a party, it was one’s community powerful response to everyday racism.

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