Fox Cancelled ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ After 5 Seasons, But Fans Believe There Is Still Hope For The Revival


May 11, 2018 17:10 By Fabiosa

For all fans who feel sore about the cancellation of their favorite TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we have some good news to raise your mood. There is still a hope that the popular sitcom will get a second life on another network.

There is still hope for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

It is always sad to say goodbye to our favorite TV shows after so many years. We get so close to our favorite characters and imagine how empty our lives will be without them. A familiar feeling, isn’t it?

That was exactly what Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans felt after Fox Studios announced they cancel the popular sitcom.

Soon after the news about Brooklyn Nine-Nine cancelation was revealed, several big networks expressed their desire to shop the popular sitcom.

Among the ‘big bosses’ who want to own the rights on Brooklyn are such studios as Hulu, Netflix, TBS, and NBC.

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While the renewal of the Universal Studio hit hasn’t been confirmed yet, fans are going crazy because of the show cancellation. In their turn, Brooklyn stars express their gratitude for the fans’ support.

After five seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become a true hit in the television industry and got a huge army of devoted fans. We hope it’s not over yet for the popular sitcom.

What do you think about the show cancellation? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

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