NYPD Officer Sues Over Deplorable Conditions For Pumping Breast Milk

Date October 11, 2018 14:15

Federal law and Fair Labor Standards Act

Pretty often women face some obstacles and biases about pumping breastfeeding milk in the work environment. However, they should know that it is allowed legally, and keep it in their minds without being embarrassed.

First, according to Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act 2010, a female has the full right to pump her milk and employers cannot prevent them from doing so. Otherwise, it will be deemed as sex discrimination. A woman also should be provided with the special place for pumping and breastfeeding a baby, where coworkers and clients won't interrupt and confuse her.

Second, the main matter can be only FLSA. According to the Act, "non-exempt" females do not fit into the breastfeeding law in the workplace. Non-exempt employees are commonly hourly workers who must be paid overtime. Therefore, a woman may be exempt and inappropriate for the breastfeeding law. 

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Simone Teagle says: "They would look at me and roll their eyes"

In October 2018, an NYPD officer, Simone Teagle, decides to sue Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City for treating her as a slacker in the police department. She notified that the boss treated her in a bad way causing a plethora of troubles in breastfeeding an 11-months-old son.

Teagle also stated about getting mastitis, which occurs when a nursing mother cannot express milk on a regular basis. 

They would look at me and roll their eyes. Or cut their eyes at me like, ‘Oh boy, here we go again.’ Sometimes they wouldn’t even acknowledge me.

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The problems began right after the maternity leave. Simone had to find a place to pump the milk to feed her kid. She did it in the car and moldy, disgusting room in the NYPD.

It was just a deplorable situation to pump milk in. Just horrible.

Simone Teagle later added that many women had dealt with such issues. Most of them decided to stop breastfeeding at work only to avoid biases and concerns from their workplaces. So felt Teagle after constant remarks about "taking too many pauses."

Global support for breastfeeding mothers

Many people, including men supporting nursing mothers, expressed their feelings regarding this distressing situation.

To all mothers out there, be persistent and do not feel ashamed of doing the natural thing. Otherwise, try to be confident to file the claim about preventing from pumping milk. Sooner or later, you all can achieve the best outcome for all nursing females.

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