Sophia Loren Is Returning To Screen For The First Time In A Decade: Her Son Will Be Directing!

Date July 11, 2019 17:04

To children, no one is more perfect than their parents. Edoardo Ponti is more right, though. His mother, Sophia Loren is a piece of art that Hollywood has cherished for decades. Now, he's renewing her golden days of performing heartedly.

Edoardo was born on January 6, 1973, in Geneva, Switzerland, to the legendary Sophia and producer Carlo Ponti Sr. He earned his MA degree in Film Directing & Production from USC's School of Cinema and Television.

Return of the classic icon

According to Variety's report, the Oscar-winning actress is ready to light up our screens one more time. It has been almost a decade since she appeared in any movie, so her latest one will be a blast. Loren will be portraying Madame Rosa, a Holocaust survivor in the feature film The Life Ahead.

It's actually an adaptation of Romain Gary’s sensational novel La vie devant soi and will now be directed by Edoardo. The shooting has already been initiated in Italy. Sophia is working 10 hours a day to put her heart and soul into the project. On reels, she is letting herself "express things in a way that I think audiences will find very surprising".

She looks so different

Exclusive shots of the 84-years-old diva have been released. However, whether it is due to her character or her progressive age, she looks unrecognizable. We are hoping it's because of the former reason.

We wish the mother-son duo a lot of success in their joint cinematic venture. The outline of the movie seems interesting already. Share this and send the lady your compliments.