The Real Cause Of Mary Duggar's Death Has Been Revealed: She Didn't Die Of Natural Causes!

Date June 13, 2019

The reality TV show Counting On features generations of Duggar family. The oldest of them, Mary was recently revealed to be no more. The cause of her demise was not shared, but the truth could be throttled much long.

On June 9, the sad news was announced on their official Facebook page. She was 78 years old. A tribute was featured on as well which highlighted Grandma Duggar’s life successes and devotion to God. Her work as a real estate broker was mentioned along with her most significant role of all — being “Grandma” to her 21 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

Her expiry wasn't natural

Mary Duggar had previously fought brain cancer. When people heard about her passing, they thought it was because of her health complications. It was either that or her progressive age.

But, the reality is a little morbid than that. She was presumably alone when a tragedy happened to her. 

Washington County, Coroner Roger W. Morris has disclosed to People magazine that Mary's death was actually accidental. A 911 call was made from her Arkansas residence around 4 in the afternoon. She had slipped in the swimming pool by mistake and drowned.

People paid their respects to her

The feisty and incredible woman will be remembered for her nurturing soul. May she rest in peace. Share this and send your condolences to the family.