'ALF' Star Max Wright Has Passed Away At 75 After A Long Battle With Cancer

Date June 27, 2019

Born as George Edward Maxwell Wright on August 2, 1943, he was professionally called Max Wright. The legendary actor had risen to fame with his debut as Willie Tanner on the 1986's sitcom, ALF.

Now, we bid him farewell!


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Throughout his lustrous career, Wright had appeared on a number of popular shows. He was seen on WKRP in Cincinnati and gave regular cameos on AfterMASH, Misfits of Science, along with Buffalo Bill and The Norm Show, also making it to the made-for-TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand.


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Expiry at 75

According to TMZ reports, Maxwell was diagnosed with lymphoma when cancerous cells spread to his lymph nodes in 1995. However, he had been in remission for almost two decades.

The family sources confirmed on June 26 that the actor had died in his home in Hermosa Beach, California. This property of his was just outside Los Angeles.


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His wife, Linda Ybarrondo had also passed away battling the same morbid disease, only two years ago. She had breast cancer. The couple was married since 1965 and have two children together. Now, Linda and Max will reunite in the hereafter.


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Fans paid tribute to him

It's clear that Max Wright will be sorely missed. Do you remember any of his best performances? Pray for his departed should and let us know how do you recall him.