Britain's Youngest Lottery Winner Jane Park Claimed So Much Money Ruined Her Entire Life

Date October 10, 2018 16:18

Paying the bills, months after months has us all wishing; Can't I just win a lottery already! But there is a downside to excess of anything. Too much money can spoil a person beyond reason. Such is the case of Jane Park who won a lottery at a very young age. Don't you go daydreaming yet!

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She was happy

After bagging 1 million pounds at Euromillions at age 17, she was excited than ever. She spent about 50,000 pounds on her cosmetic surgeries alone. After getting a breast enlargement job and a Brazilian bum lift, she was quite satisfied with her appearance.

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But she realized money has ruined her 

Shockingly, Jane claimed that someone so young shouldn't have won money in the first place. It has destroyed her image and social life. She had trouble finding love because all guys were in fact after her money, not her.

Now dolled up, the millionaire said:

I am sick of shopping for designer accessories and I struggle to find a genuine boyfriend who isn’t after my money. I miss my Benidorm holidays. All I feel is burdened.

She also added with an absurd despair:

I have material things but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life?

She is now set to sue Euromillions who allows winning the jackpot at age 16. Jane advises it should at least be 18. Getting this much money attracted wrong people to her that could even throw her down the deep well of drug addictions!

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Becoming a psycho girlfriend

Now 22, Jane is all smitten over young football star, Jordan Piggott. Things looked quite serious as she has already met his parents in the West Midlands. But the rose has its thorns as she is reportedly distrustful towards him. She previously complained that she can never know whether someone loves her for real or is just after her mounds of cash. Turning her into an obsessed girlfriend!

Jane even used her prize cash to hire a private detective to follow her boyfriend around. The rich-poor girl is in therapy for her mental insecurities.

She opened up to Mirror UK:

I trusted Jordan 100%, but I still checked up on him just to make sure I’m not being stupid. 

Be careful what you wish for! Please share and leave your comments below, how you would have handled such a fortune differently.

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