Quarantine Alert! Beaches On Florida's East Coast Closed After The Hideous Red Tide Emerged In Water

Date October 18, 2018 18:17

Nature turned against humans is the worst scenario. It's deadly and threatening to all living kinds equally. The uncontrollable microbial colonization is a perfect example of life against life!

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What is a red tide?

Red algal blooms are harmful and occur when colonies of algae grow out of control. Their exponential spread produces toxic effects on people, fish, shellfish, marine mammals, and birds. The illnesses caused by Harmful Algal blooms are rare but can be debilitating or even fatal.

Their population is rising in almost every coastal state of America. Consumption of fish or any aquatic delicacy can result in serious disorders. Red tides are an absolute warning on seaside! Scary right? 

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Red tide on Florida coast

1 million red algal tide cells per liter were confirmed to be found in an Oct. 15 sample of Sebastian Inlet State Park. Vero Beach and Indian River County beach access points were also for the public on Tuesday night until further notice. The high toxicity levels have hit other beaches as well whose poisonous levels are record-breaking.

Turtle Trail Beach was declared unsafe on Wednesday morning as it was the most contaminates one. According to Natural Resources Manager James Gray, they work of cleaning up thousands of dead fish on the shore has become quite a task as he told TC Palm:

It's all being disposed of at the county landfill.

Lifeguards, volunteers, and all social authorities are trying their best to clear the area of aquatic life debris. They are conditioned to wear masks as the air itself has become dangerous on the entire Indian ocean Lagoon. It's time to get acquainted with the risks!

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Safety tips

Florida health ministry advises extreme caution when red tide is present. Be vigilant about the following:

  • wear protective gear when near the area and get medical attention to the symptoms that include coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes;
  • people with asthma should leave the area at once as it can worsen the condition;
  • keep your pets indoors as they may carry the sand or other contaminants to the house in their fur or paws;
  • close the windows and try to have a filtered air-conditioning;
  • fish should be avoided but shellfish should not be harvested or eaten from areas with the active red tide altogether.

Such a paradise lost! Share this and be safe out there! 

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