Bizarre! A Good Samaritan Spotted This 10-Month-Old Baby Crawling Across The Street In New Jersey

Date September 26, 2018 16:39

Despite constant appeals to parents about keeping children safe, many caregivers still act carelessly and endanger minors. To forestall this, many countries around the world have created laws that make it a criminal offense to leave children unattended without adult supervision.

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Section 494 of the Australian Children, Youth and Families Act 2005, for example, does not specify the age a child needs to be for parents to be able to leave them alone. Nevertheless, primary caregivers found guilty of negligence can face stiff penalties of up to 25 penalty units or up to $4019.75 in fines. In some cases where caregivers strike a deal with Magistrates, penalties may be reduced but in most cases, punishment is inevitable.

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On Sunday, September 23 a man on Joe Parker Rd. in Lakewood took this picture. He was shocked to see a 10-month-old baby crawling on the street. He shared the picture on social media after taking the baby off the road and also added a stern message, calling out the child’s parent for negligence.

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Is negligence on the rise?

In a new incident this week, a mother in Arizona went out partying and left her 4-year-old daughter alone in her apartment. Alexandra Ciliento, 29 was out by 11 p.m. and her daughter managed to leave the apartment and go over to a neighbors house.

Alexandra Ciliento, 29 was out of reach until 8a the next morning. She later told Scottsdale Police that she did leave her daughter without supervision for the whole night. She will be facing charged for her act of negligence.

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Tim Haines from Worcestershire almost lost custody of his five children after he left his two-year-old daughter in a car for five minutes while he stepped into a pharmacy. He was arrested and charged with neglect but eventually had a court ruling overturned.

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Some presiding judges may not be as lenient in their judgments so it is advisable that caregivers exercise caution to avoid severe consequences.  

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