"You Go There To Die": A Concerned Family Fights To Remove Their Relative From A Horrible Facility In Buffalo

Date October 2, 2018 12:20

When Ron Arnold’s family admitted him into Safire Care Rehabilitation of the Northtowns on Sheridan Drive in April, they had no idea that their family member will have to go through a nightmare experience. Arnold suffered a bad fall and needed rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it took months before he could leave the facility.

For starters, Safire Care moved Arnold into their own long-term care facility without informing Gregory Mikolajczak, Arnold's nephew and healthcare proxy. Mikolajczak revealed Safire Care was quite hostile when he asked questions about Arnold.

If you questioned anything it was most unwelcome. It was quite touch and go several times with some of the staff.

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Mikolajczak tried to move his grandfather to another private facility but the social worker at Safire Care intentionally refused to fill paperwork facilitating the transfer. Meanwhile, Arnold had to suffer the unsanitary conditions at Safire Care.

That they're going to kill him. Due to lack of nourishment and hydration and air conditioning and care. I've been told by his friends and stuff that that's a last resort place to go. You go there to die.

Mikolajczak got Arnold out in August after spending $46,959.14. He claims he could have saved $43,000 if he got his uncle out earlier.

He is not the only one with complaints

In February, Barbara Kent sent out an SOS call to WKBW TV, Buffalo, NY, crying out about the horrible conditions at Safire Care and begging anyone to come to investigate. Kent claimed the conditions were so bad, staff left her in her own bowel movements for hours.

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The New York State Department of Health rates Safire Care a paltry two stars out of five. In addition, the facility has turned up 94 citations in four years, three times over the state average of 33. 7 Eyewitness News tried to make contact with administrators at the facility but were unsuccessful.

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Conditions at the facility are deplorable with cracked walls and broken paint constituting a health hazard for residents.

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What to look out for when choosing a nursing home

No matter how much time a person plans to spend in a nursing home, there are several factors to consider. Visiting the facility is of the utmost importance. Plan a guided tour then also try coming in unannounced so that you can observe the real state of things.

It never hurts to ask questions and seek opinions from residents and other people familiar with a facility. Talking to members of staff too will help you get a feel of the place. As for contracts, make sure to read every detail and understand the specifics. This Medicare Nursing Home Checklist is a good place to start.

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All in all, residents need around the clock care and attention that includes food, medication, and sanitary care. Emotional contentment is also important to observe the attitude of staff members. You may be benefiting your relative greatly.

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