Prince Charles Revealed Previously Unseen Portraits Of His Sons While Preparing For His Big Collection Display

Date July 3, 2018

Prince Charles is 70 this year, and the birthday man doesn’t stop celebrating his anniversary. Starting from the May’s Buckingham garden party, the royal is now preparing the exhibition of his own personal art collection, containing previously unseen masterpieces.


Garden party

Buckingham garden party gave the start to Charles’ anniversary celebration. The senior royal will be 70 on November 14, but the marking events are held throughout the entire year.


The party was chosen to be made in May due to the inappropriate weather condition in fall, so the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cornwall accompanied Charles during the delightful occasion in May. During the official part, Harry gave a memorable speech, thanking his father for helping him reach the goals.

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Unseen pictures

Another occasion dedicated to the birthday celebration will be held during the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles will present the exhibition containing his private collection objects, including the ones that have never been seen before. All the works are created by artists supported by three different charities. Among a hundred masterpieces, the most eye-catchy were the ones featuring Harry and William.

The preparatory sketches by artist Nicky Philipps had not been seen before but were claimed to be preliminary works to the amazing 2009 portraits of the princes. Two other drawings attracted the public attention more than the others: a detailed sketch of Prince Philip, drawn by Bryan Organ in 1983, and Michael Noakes' depiction of The Queen Mother from 1973.

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Amazing works!

Marvelous Charles

Prince Charles has always had amazing taste, including the choice of the jokes. His sense of humor has already produced a few memorable moments, making the royal one of the funniest palace inhabitants. When Kate and William finally announced about the Louis birth, and the entire Internet was going crazy about it, Prince Charles couldn’t stay aside from the mass hype. In response to the Cambridges’ tweet, he said he has no idea how he is going to keep up with such pace.

Well said, Charles, well said!

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Prince Charles