Queen Allowed Sarah Ferguson To Keep Her York Tiara, But Didn't Do The Same Gesture To Kate Middleton

Date June 24, 2019 16:11

Wearing a tiara for the nuptials is an old English tradition in court circles and a dream for many females. The Queen allowed Sarah Ferguson to keep her wedding tiara while refusing to do the same for Kate Middleton. Why?


Kate Middleton's Halo tiara was first created by Cartier in 1936 and bought by King George VI as a gift for his wife, Queen Elizabeth. The jewelry is full of platinum adornments, rectangular gems, a round brilliant in the center of the tiara, and nearly 1,000 cut diamonds in total.


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As of Sarah Ferguson's wedding, she was granted the York tiara by Her Majesty. The glamorous tiara was designed by Garrard and features delicate scrolls and a huge, central diamond on top.


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Fergie's York tiara is believed to cost $293, 067 while Kate's Halo jewelry — between $955,203 and $1,592,006.

Sarah vs. Kate

As you can see, both Halo and York tiaras are priceless, gorgeous, and impeccable. But while Sarah Ferguson got a chance to keep it, Kate Middleton didn't.


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In case you didn't know, the Queen has a royal jewelry vault. Kate Middleton — as well as Meghan Markle — borrowed their stunning and dazzling tiaras from this place, implying they are Her Majesty's property.

Sarah Ferguson, on their other side, was personally gifted the York tiara. It was a wedding present by the Queen, so it is Fergie's property.


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Pretty simple, isn't it?

The bottom line 

The British royals are known for lavish jewelry and luxurious attires. The vault is full of regal pieces of jewels and surely, it's important to know what and when a royal lady can borrow anything.


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Perhaps, Queen Elizabeth II did not repeat a heart-warming gesture to Duchesses Catherine and Meghan after seeing Andrew and Sarah divorce. What do you think?