"My Biggest Regret": Howard Stern Wanted To Apologize To Robin Williams A Day Before His Suicide

Mental health is something that is beyond comprehension. The issue is fragile and complicated, and hence, it's hard to identify something serious in people we talk to on a daily basis. 

Robin Williams, as an example, was a funny, successful and wise man, although he suffered from Lewy body dementia and further, severe depression. The actor also went through rehabilitation to deal with alcohol and drug use. On August 11, 2014, Williams tragically died by suicide.


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It was too late

Howard Stern has something to regret till the end of his lifetime. A long time ago, the controversial radio host had an interview with the late actor Robin Williams — and it didn't go smoothly whatsoever.


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In the upcoming book Howard Stern Comes Again, the host opens up about his biggest regret. 

Possibly my biggest regret was my interview with Robin Williams. I was attacking the guy, and he was justifiably furious with me.


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Years later, Howard Stern realized he needed to apologize. In fact, it took the radio host 20 years to finally say sorry to Williams. He reached the phone to do so, and the actor was found lifeless due to suicide the following day.

I’m still filled with sadness over his loss and remorse for my failure to reach out sooner.

The reason for Robin Williams' fury was Howard Stern's rude questions on whether or not the actor had an affair with his son's nanny back in the 1990s.

How to know if someone is suicidal

There are so many signs that are hard to count. However, there are the top main ones: drastic changes in behavior, constant thoughts or expressions about death, excessive mood swings and sadness, self-harm, recent life crisis, emotional instability, and disinterest in life activities.

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If you know anyone who might be suicidal, it's better to have a deep conversation with this person and find possible solutions for help as soon as possible. And yes, never wait too long to say sorry for those who you might have hurt.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.