Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are To Carry On Princess Diana's Groundbreaking Charitable Campaign In Africa

Date June 12, 2019 17:00

Princess Diana is alive — at least, in people's hearts. Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as their royal wives, pay constant tributes to let her spirit thrive. 

Lady Diana's fight against landmines in Africa was groundbreaking, just like her work with AIDS patients and homeless people back in the 80s and 90s.


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The Sun reports Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to visit Angola as part of their fall tour across Africa. The couple is to carry on Princess Diana's charitable legacy with the HALO Trust.


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Back in 1997, just months before Lady Di's tragic death, she visited Angola and walked through a live minefield to raise awareness of her campaign.

She later detonated a landmine in front of the world's media to show their destructive power.


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Ultimately, Prince Harry vowed to continue her beloved mother's remarkable mission to get rid of landmines in the entire world.

Buckingham Palace aides are reportedly checking whether or not it is safe to bring baby Archie on the tour.


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Since the birth of Archie Harrison, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have paid many tributes to late Princess Diana on their Instagram account. 

Lady Di had revolutionary charity work in all possible spheres. The royal couple paid tribute to the Princess of Wales in honor of Pride Month. The photo shows how she used her global platform to challenge the social stigma concerning HIV and Aids.


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Princess Diana and her boys, William and Harry, have been doing excellent charity work throughout the years. How admiring!