Brave 8-Year-Old Girl Got A Severe Nose Injury After Tackling Gun-Holding Masked Robbers

Date October 3, 2018 13:11

We advocate the first precaution to be safe when facing the robbers. But couldn't hold back to share about the amazing courage shown by a little girl. She wasn't afraid!

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Little girl challenged the bad guys

The 8-year-old Brielle Minia stood firmly in the way of the gang. As they tried to escape after raiding her family home, she jumped on one of them. The Philippine kiddo was successful to rip open his blue backpack, spilling the stolen goods. She tried to pick up as many of the things as she could.

The fearless kid suffered bruises to her face and hands when they kicked her back. She also had her nose broken during this encounter with the merciless robbers.

In an interview with The Sun News, the dauntless girl remarked:

I’ll get them next time. I’m so angry they stole my dad’s money.

Police are on the tails of the culprits, actively investigating the case. After this incident, villains will think twice before stealing from people!

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A similar story of another girl confronting the robbers

6-year-old Sarah Patel was in her father Suhail's electronics store when it was allegedly stormed by six teenagers. She walked right toward them to save Jordan, an employee at the store. Her father commented on this proudly, saying:

She did an amazing job.

Her dad was shocked and shaken after the invasion. Fortunately, his daughter was unharmed. Bless you, child!

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How-to protect your house from robbers 

Being assaulted is a terrible feeling. An invasion of your privacy, space, and sense of security is traumatic.

These general tips will safeguard you against robbers to maximum:

  1. Invest in Lockup systems and use security screens.
  2. Be suspicious of any door knockers and telemarketers trying to get your information.
  3. Keep your vacation plans to yourself.
  4. Don't forget to close your garage.
  5. Use a safe for money keeping.
  6. Install an active alarm or motion-sensing lights.
  7. Get a guardian dog.
  8. Mow your lawn and take out the trash regularly to let bad guys know someone is here to taking care of the house.

In case of any disturbance in your house contact police immediately. Don't waste time asking, who the intruder is? Please, share and comment on how would you deal with such situations!

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