Catastrophic Flood In Texas Has Already Claimed 2 Lives And Destroyed A Bridge, While Waters Continue To Ravage The Streets


October 18, 2018 16:11 By Fabiosa

The devastating flood in Central Texas is wreaking havoc forcing people out of their homes, and has already claimed two lives. The overflowed Llano River flooded the streets and caused local Lake Travis to fill over 132% of its capacity.

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Evacuations are currently underway, but it's diffcult for people to get to safety de to damaged roads. CBS News caught two men trapped in the SUV getting rescued, and spoke with the local man Scott Turner, who described the horrifying reality of having to leave his house for safety:

When the water came to our house it was almost past our ankles. We got the dogs out and that was it.

Although the water levels are slowly going down, CNN reports that authorities warn people that it's still hazardous out there:

There are roadways that are impassable. Some have been washed out. There is debris. Homes that have been evacuated are going to have to be evaluated before we can say that they're safe to re-enter.

Tragically, two bodies were recovered from the flood in Llano County and neighboring Burnet County. In addition, the flood caused a bridge in Kingsland to collapse.

The two-way causeway was designed to withstand a 50-year storm, but only lasted 49 years since its construction.

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An Austin-based engineer warned Statesman there will most likely be more structural damage in the future:

It’s inevitable that we will see more major bridge damage in the future, likely sooner rather than later. The 100-year storm is now the 25-year storm in Austin.

Seeing the devastation a flood can cause, it's imperative to know how to stay safe in such a dangerous situation.

Flood safety tips

Remember these crucial tips that can help you to survive, when flood danger is imminent:

  1. Flood-proof your house: seal basement and walls to keep the water out and construct barriers around your home if floods are likely in your area.
  2. Pay attention to radio and television reports.
  3. Have a bag full of necessary things to evacuate ready in your house.
  4. If ordered to, evacuate immediately and disconnect electrical appliances.
  5. Avoid driving or walking through the moving water. Even 6 inches of active stream can make you fall.
  6. Even if flood receded in some areas, avoid heading there as the roads might be too fragile and collapse.
  7. Only return to your home when authorities assure it's safe.

Knowing these rules can save your life, be prepared and always stay safe.

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