Hurtful Case Of Racism: Diners Leave Their Black Waitress An Outrageous Racist Note Instead Of A Tip

Date October 2, 2018

According to the survey conducted by NBC News, 64 Americans believe that racism is still a major problem in our community. There are certainly still many instances of ignorant behavior, and the following outraging story proves some people are completely unaware of what's socially acceptable when it comes to race.

Racist note instead of a tip

Applebee's waitress Jasmine Brewer fond an extremely racist note left by the customers, which refused to tip her because of her race. The note was posted by Jasmine's infuriated mother, Regina, on Facebook and reads, "WE DON'T TIP BLACK PEOPLE."

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Regina added an outraged message condemning people for such blatant racism and showing other people that this problem still exists in our community:

I’m very vocal and always will be! You think racism does not exist, IT DOES! This was left for MY BABY tonight at Applebee’s in Radcliff!

The public online shared Regina's shock about the note and offered support to Jasmine.

Supportive comments shared on social media 

Shame on whomever left that terrible note!

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