Strawberry Moon 2018: Will June’s Full Moon Affect Your Sleep?

Date June 28, 2018

Today is a big event: we will have an opportunity to admire the Strawberry Moon, and it is expected to be rather spectacular.

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The moon is not going to look like a strawberry. The name comes from the Algonquin tribes of Native Americans. For them, the full moon was their sign to harvest wild strawberries. By the way, in other parts of the world, the name can be different. For example, in Europe, people usually call it the Honey Moon.


It is often reported that more babies are born during the full moon, and that some people may act strange during this period. Also, it is considered that the full moon can greatly affect the way we sleep. It is true?


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In fact, it is not always like that. Dr. Brodner, a sleep specialist, says:

One study in 2014 found that people slept on average 20-25 minutes less during a full moon. What was interesting is that the subjects were actually in a room without lights so they couldn’t tell it was a full moon outside. Whether we realise it to not we are in tune with mother nature’s natural rhythm.


So, the Strawberry Moon can affect your sleep slightly, but there is a chance you won’t even notice it, as there will be no change in the sleeping pattern.

The Strawberry Moon is a rather rare phenomenon, and it is expected to be visible in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Southern America.

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Astronomer Bruce McClure says:

A partial eclipse precedes and follows the century’s longest total lunar eclipse, each time lasting one hour and six minutes. So, from start to finish, the moon takes nearly four hours to cross the Earth’s dark umbral shadow.

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Are you looking forward to watch the Strawberry Moon?

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