Can You Change Your Race? Woman Addicted To Tan Says She Was Born White But Prefers Being Black

Date July 25, 2018

Martina Big is a German model that is popular for her numerous body modifications. She is also known for having the biggest breast implant and changing the outlook from white to black. Now, she is having the 32S breast size, and she changed the skin color with the help of extreme tanning injections.

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Initially, Martina worked as a flight attendant together with her boyfriend Michael, who was a pilot. She loved her job, but still felt the necessity to fulfill one of the biggest dreams – to have big breast implants. After making it true, she quit the job and became a model.

Martina has already had 24 procedures and is not planning to stop changing the body. Recently, she changed the skin color with tan injections and wants to make the nose more “wide”.

That's how she looked before changing the skin color:

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The woman claims she was born white but wants to be black. Now, Martina says she is a real African woman after being baptized under the new name "Malaika Kubwa" which in local Swahili language means the "big angel".

During her visit to Los Angeles, Martina said:

Last time I visited this with blonde hair and white skin – and now I’m a black woman with African hair.

Also, she visited Africa to learn about African cultures and traditions.

Martina Big considers her transformation to another race rather successful. Do you think the same way?

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