Dad’s Exact Copy! Robin Williams' Eldest Son Shared His Grief Within Suicide Awareness Campaign

Date May 30, 2019

The incredibly talented actor and comedian, Robin Williams, known for his improvisation skills, had a very successful career. Nevertheless, it didn’t prevent him from being an unhappy person, whose life ended up so tragically.

On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide in his California house. According to the official reports, he passed away of asphyxia due to hanging. It was also stated that the actor suffered from the increase in paranoia.

Remembering father

Of course, the suicide committed by Robin Williams was a great shock for his family. The actor had three children: Zachary Pym "Zak" Williams, Zelda Rae Williams, and Cody Alan Williams. Of course, they remember their father as a great person and a legendary actor.

Robin Williams’ son Zachary has recently joined the suicide awareness campaign Faces of Fortitude and shared his grief with others in order to provide a safe space for those touched by suicide.

Zackary revealed all the hardships of dealing with grief, and shared his own story.

There’s no education in place to tell you how to deal with this, to balance how to grieve privately with your family and then also to have to grieve publicly. While it was nice to be heard, I was spending time on the outer layer instead of on the inside. It wasn’t just the survivor network for me, it was grieving with the whole world.

He added:

The past three years have been healing for me. I started to feel bad for myself, I was seeking solace and healing through my grieving. Once I took out all the inputs and elements of self medications, it all became really raw. It was super painful. I had to stop thinking big and expansive to heal everyone and look inward. I found a lot in there. I realized I wasn’t broken. There was a lot of strength I didn’t know was in there.


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We can't help but see Robin when looking at his wonderful son.

Suicide warning signs

Are there some suicide warning signs? According to various sources, some of the possible warning symptoms include excessive sadness or moodiness, sudden calmness, withdrawal, changes of personality, self-harmful behavior etc.

Dad’s Exact Copy! Robin Williams' Eldest Son Shared His Grief Within Suicide Awareness CampaignSrdjan Randjelovic /

So, it is necessary to recognize suicidal behavior in order to prevent tragic cases.