Another Split? Conan's Sidekick Andy Richter And Sarah Thyre Are Getting Divorced After 27 Years Together

Date April 15, 2019 13:35

The popular American actor Andy Richter and comedic actress Sarah Thyre starred together in Strangers with Candy, where Andy made frequent cameo appearances.


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By the way, it was not their only mutual work, as the couple appeared together playing the roles of Hansel and Gretel in the episode of the Upright Citizens Brigade.

Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre got married in 1996, and lived together as a family for more than 20 years. Nevertheless, their love story has eventually come to an end.


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Публикация от Sarah Thyre (@sarahthyre)


On their official Twitter accounts, both Andy and Sarah announced they are planning to divorce. Thyre said that despite the separation, they still remain to be parents, and will do everything not to hurt kids during this complicating period.

Richter added he is very proud of the life they have built together as a couple, and is going to stay in friendly relations with Sarah.

Mutual children

The couple has two amazing children together, son William, born 2001, and daughter Mercy, born 2005.


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They are already so grown up and look indeed adorable!


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After 27 years of being together, Andy Richter and Sarah Thyre announced they decided to divorce. Nevertheless, they will maintain a parenting partnership, and will stay friends with each other.