Joan Collins Shows Remains Of Her London Apartment After Terrifying Fire And Praises Her Hero Husband


April 17, 2019 11:32 By Fabiosa

The popular English actress, author and columnist, Joan Collins, was treated for breathing problems after the horrible flat fire.

It happened when Joan Collins was at home together with husband Percy Gibson, and they suddenly smelled some smoke. After a short investigation both found out that the guest suite was on fire.

The representative of the actress has already released the official statement, telling about the consequences of the fire at Collin’s London apartment.

They escaped the fire unhurt, but obviously shaken up and distressed from the whole thing.

How the apartment looks now?

Joan Collins has recently showed her apartment after fire, and fans were shocked to see what is left.

The actress uploaded a video on her official Instagram account, and it seems that almost everything burned out after the horrible incident.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that Joan Collins and her husband Percy Gibson feel themselves fine, and were not badly hurt during the flat fire.

Joan’s husband proved to be a real hero, as he literally saved them.

Percy really saved the day. He was the one who put the fire out and took control until the fire brigade arrived.

Warning from firefighters

Firefighters warn to keep glass objects and mirrors away from windowsills. The London Fire Brigade has uploaded a post on their Twitter account, writing that a fire at Joan’s apartment was caused by the sunlight.

Actress Joan Collins uploaded the video, showing the remains of her apartment after the fire and fans are shocked.