Sarah Ferguson Shares The Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Her Sister Jane On National Siblings Day

Date April 11, 2019 11:52

Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew, is the second daughter of Major Ronald Ivor Ferguson.

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The Duchess of York comes from a rather big family and has one sister and 3 half-siblings. Nevertheless, she rarely share the images of her relatives.

Sister Jane

This time, Sarah Ferguson decided to make an exception and to share the photo of her sister Jane on the National Siblings Day.

Even though sisters live far from each other, they always remain close. In caption, Sarah opened up she is her one of the most important persons in life.

On National Siblings Day I am celebrating my sister who is so important to me and I love her more than ever, even so far away in Australia. The bond is never stronger and to the other siblings in my life

Jane is just two years older than Sarah, and they have always been friends, who supported each other no matter what.

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Sarah Ferguson Shares The Never-Before-Seen Photo Of Her Sister Jane On National Siblings DayGetty Images / Ideal Image

People’s reaction

Of course, such a rare photo could not be left without fans’ attention, who were fascinated by sisters’ similarity. Nevertheless, many people claimed Sarah’s sister looks exactly like her mother.

By the way, Jane also commented the post, writing how much she loves Sarah and claiming they have an indeed special bond between each other.


Love you my darling we have a special sister bond and I love you more 💜🙏😇🥂


Your sister is beautiful, Sarah


You sister looks so much like your mum. Beautiful.


Lovely pictures there is nothing like a sibling xx


Wow the picture of her on the carousel is gorgeous


Wow, she looks like your mother. Beautiful, both of you.


Jane looks so much like your mum. 💖


Gorgeous girls. Such an incredible bond you have. Love you both

Sarah Ferguson shared the never-before-seen photo of her sister Jane, showing her love and respect towards her sibling.

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