Man Buys A Storage Unit For Just $500 And Finds $7.5 Million In A Safe. What Was The Owner’s Reaction?


December 6, 2018 13:23 By Fabiosa

What would you do if you got a huge amount of money out of nowhere? Most likely, you already have a wish list and know how would you spend your money. Even though such a situation may seem like a fairy tale, it actually happened with one lucky guy, who accidentally found millions of dollars in a storage unit.

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Storage Wars star Dan Dotson, who runs American Auctioneers auction house, recently uploaded a video on his Facebook account recounting the story of a man who found a huge amount of money in an abandoned storage unit he bought for just $500.

The man discovered the safe in the storage unit, and decided to open it. Even though it was rather hard, he managed to get it open and saw $7.5 million cash inside.

On the video, Dan Dotson said that eventually, the new owner understood that the storage unit was sold together with cash. He immediately contacted the lucky man and offered a deal: $600,000 to return the money.

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After some discussions, it was agreed that the new owner would get a $1.2 million reward in return for the rest of the money.

Would you accept such an offer? In any case, the lucky man profited, as he bought the storage unit for only $500.

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