No Regrets? Reason Why 'RHONY' Star Ramona Singer Was Absent At Her Abusive Father’s Funeral

Date May 24, 2019 10:59

The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer had a troubled childhood, and she prefers not to recall those horrible times and her abusive father, in particular.

Nevertheless, during one of the previous interviews, Ramone opened up that such a hard childhood helped her in her acting career. She said that it was rather easy for her to block out cameras because she constantly had to block out noise while being a child.

It’s easy for me to block out the cameras. Probably because, growing up, I had to block out all the noise in my family. I shut the cameras out, just like I shut out my father’s yelling.

Absent at abusive father’s funeral

Ramona Singer revealed that her father was very abusive to her mother, and the atmosphere in the family was indeed depressing and even dangerous.

As a kid, Ramona had to hide from her father, as she was afraid of him and knew he could do horrible things.

It was really a horrible situation. It was like a war zone. I didn’t know what I was coming home to. Dishes flying, screaming, yelling. We’d hide under the covers as kids. … His mother beat the s— out of him. He was abused as a child, so he was abusive to my mother.

Nobody knew that the situation was so bad: on the outside, everything looked normal. But unfortunately, it wasn’t normal in the inside. Ramona didn’t feel love and support from her father; instead, he just ignored a little girl.

My family life on the outside looked very normal. But there’s a lot of darkness going on in the inside. I had no love from my father. No love, zero love. He ignored me.

When Ramona’s father passed away, she didn’t go to his funeral and even revealed the reason for such a decision

My dad's been dead for like 10 years, my mom for 12. I didn't go to my father's funeral, because my brother cremated him against my will.

She also said that dad left nothing for her in a will, which made her cry hysterically for a long time.

What to do if someone has an abusive husband?

Unfortunately, a lot of women face abuse in their families. But what can we do in order to help such women?

First of all, we should listen to the woman, as it is important for such people to share the story with someone. Also, we can help her get in touch with the counselor, who can answer more complicated questions. And of course, always be ready to show support.

No Regrets? Reason Why 'RHONY' Star Ramona Singer Was Absent At Her Abusive Father’s Funeralfizkes /

Even though so many women become victims of family abuse, we can do something in order to make the situation better.