People Are Not Crazy About The Way Meghan And Harry Congratulated Prince Louis On His 1st Birthday

Date April 24, 2019

On April 23rd, 2019, Prince Louis of Cambridge turned 1. His mother, Kate Middleton, made beautiful birthday portraits and uploaded them on the official Instagram account of the Kensington Palace.

As reported, the royal family celebrated Prince Louis’ birthday the day before, on April 22nd. The royal fans were indeed happy to see that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared images, showing them how Prince Louis looks now.

On the snaps, we can see Prince Louis, posing in the grounds of the Cambridges' Anmer Hall home in Norfolk, where the Cambridges spent Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school break.

Meghan and Harry message to Prince Louis

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex also decided to congratulate Prince Louis with his big day, sending him a sweet message on Instagram.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left a comment on the official account of the Kensington Palace, wishing him a happy birthday and calling him Louis instead of Prince Louis.

Royal fans’ reaction

People are outraged by this message, and believe Meghan and Harry should call him 'Prince Louis'.


@sussexroyal prince louis please. He's not your son to call him only by his name.


@sussexroyal That would be Prince Louis to you dear. Thank you




self PC calls his grandson Prince Louis, MM simply cannot cough up the word Prince.


@sussexroyal #knowWhereUStand #RespectTheRank


@sussexroyal “His Royal Highness” PRINCE Louis - is his correct title 😩


@sussexroyal for you ,Megan,he is the Prince

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex congratulated Prince Louis with his first birthday, writing a sweet message on the Instagram account. Nevertheless, royal fans didn’t like the way they called him.