Nurse Adopted A Baby Girl After Nobody Visited Her In Hospital For 5 Months. What About Her Biological Mom?

Date April 9, 2019

According to the official statistics, provided by the Show Hope, there are around 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system, 100,000 of which are waiting to be adopted.

Nurse Adopted A Baby Girl After Nobody Visited Her In Hospital For 5 Months. What About Her Biological Mom?Skripnik Olga /

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Thousands of kids are waiting for their new families and a place they can call home, as every child deserves to belong to a loving family.

Adoption story

Liz Smith, the Director of Nursing at Brighton’s Franciscan Children’s Hospital, has always wanted to become a mother, but unfortunately her health insurance couldn’t cover in-vitro fertilization.

Nevertheless, she was blessed with a baby at the most unexpected place – at work!

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Giselle’ mother was a drug-addicted woman, who couldn’t care for herself and the baby.

She was in the NICU for a few months and her parents were still involved at that point and she was transferred to Franciscan Children’s for acute rehab and that’s when I met her.

Nobody visited Giselle in five months, and people were asking Liz whether she wanted to adopt her.

A few of the nurses at Franciscan Children’s Hospital approached me and asked, ‘Have you met Giselle?’ and I said, ‘No. Why?’ and they said, ‘She needs a medical foster home and you two are the perfect pair.'

Now, Giselle is a happy 2-year-old girl with a loving and devoted mother, who already officially adopted her.

What to know if you want to adopt

Before adopting a baby, there are certain things a person should know, as the period of welcoming a child into the family comes with great challenges and rewards, and every person who decides to adopt a child should be ready not only for happy moments but also for difficulties.

Adoption is a lifelong commitment to another person. Prospective adoptive parents should weigh out all of the positives along with the challenges that come with adopting a child before following through.

The nurse adopted an abandoned baby who had no visitors in five months, and now, they are fully happy with each other and are a real family. How inspiring!

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