Parents Of Mixed-Race Children Share Advice To Meghan And Harry As It Can Bring A New Set Of Challenges

Date March 27, 2019

Pierce Morgan was once slammed for saying that Meghan and Harry's child will be the first black royal baby.

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The popular British broadcaster and television personality was even called racist by Lady C, as she considered such words to be inappropriate.

The royal fans supported her opinion and claimed that the skin color doesn’t matter at all, and they are sure the baby is going to be as beautiful as his/her parents, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Other parents’ advice

Parents of mixed-race children share advice to future royal parents, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They noticed that there is almost no information about such questions as when and how to talk to children about ethnicity and culture, how to be perfect parents of mixed heritage.

Some parents advised the royal couple to find a community with families who also have mixed-race kids, in order to exchange knowledge and experience.

My advice for this new multicultural family is to seek out other families with a similar mind-set. It doesn't matter if they look like your family or have the same background, just that they have the same goal of raising world citizens.

Others emphasize that it is important to let children explore the world, other cultures, and traditions.

It is of utmost importance that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle provide opportunities for their multiracial child to be exposed to all parts of the child’s culture — including those not normally present in the royal family. It is an imperative that the child is enriched with the exposure, familiarity, pride and joy that comes from recognizing all parts of oneself.

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And of course, it is necessary to teach children to be proud of their ethnicity.

Raising multilingual and multicultural children is a gift. When children grow up appreciating their mixed cultures, they become empathetic, tolerant, kinder and accepting of other’s differences. They don’t see themselves as different. Their heritages become part of their normal, everyday life, as it should be.

Princess Diana wanted a mixed-race kid

By the way, Princess Diana wanted to have a mixed-race child with Hasnat Khan, British Afghan-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon. As reported, they discussed their marriage, and Princess Diana claimed she wanted to have a daughter with him.

By the way, she even introduced Hasnat Khan to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to become parents very soon, and parents of mixed-race children shared some indeed valuable parenting tips.

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