Woman In Loveless Marriage Denied Divorce By Court. Are Her Complaints Really So "Flimsy And Exaggerated?"


July 27, 2018 12:52 By Fabiosa

Is it so easy to get a divorce? It turned out, not at all, and in some cases, the divorce can be refused by a court. It doesn't happen often, but such a practice exists.

Sometimes, it's not possible for the couple to get a divorce. For example, In England and Wales, a couple must be married for a year before they can get a divorce. Moreover, one of the partners should prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. It can be done in several ways, including the proof of unreasonable behavior, desertion, etc.

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Recently, such a case has happened. Tini Owens claimed that she in a loveless marriage with her husband, Hugh Owens. Nevertheless, the divorce was denied by court, despite the fact that the woman has cited the unreasonable behaviour and claimed their marriage was broken down.

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The Supreme Court didn’t allow the couple to separate, claiming they are not able to "change the law." Tini’s husband denies all the allegations about his behavior, saying his wife is just bored or has some kind of affair.

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Tini’s lawyer, Simon Beccle, said:

Mrs. Owens is devastated by this decision, which means that she cannot move forward with her life and obtain her independence from Mr. Owens.

He also added that the court’s decision is hardly understood by many people.

A couple of years ago, the Family Court judge refused Mrs. Owens' allegations, calling the woman’s complaints "flimsy and exaggerated."

Twitter users actively comment on the situation, writing that in the modern world, it is unacceptable to deny people in getting a divorce.

What is your opinion about this situation?

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