Internet Conspiracy Theorists Believe Anne Hathaway And Her Husband Are Reincarnations, And Their Reasons Are Very Convincing

Date July 13, 2018 15:33

For some strange reason, the internet has decided to focus its energy and resources during the last few days on proving that Anne Hathaway's husband is indeed William Shakespeare.


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It's not that far-fetched really

If this idea sounds absurd to the average person who knows how the long dead British writer looks like, it is not standing in the way of the conspiracy theorists.

There are tons of reasons why they believe that Hathaway and her husband, the actor and producer Adam Shulman, are modern day reincarnations of Shakespeare and his wife.

Interesting similarities

For one, endless facial comparison of both men show that they have certain similar features. Doe eyes, length and shape of nose, beard arrangement.

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It gets even more spooky when you learn that Shakespeare's wife was named exactly Anne Hathaway.

The similarities between Hathaway's husband and Shakespeare were first pointed out by Twitter user @PEACHYBLACKG0RL and people have since gone wild with the comparisons.

But, the theory doesn't hold up

In fact, there are people who say the actors are Shakespeare and his wife who somehow found each other again centuries later.

And people believe this despite the fact that Shakespeare is said to have abandoned his wife to pursue a career as a playwright. As they say, the Internet remains undefeated.

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