Queen Elizabeth II Had A Funny 'Shoe Cam' Moment At The RAF Centenary Celebrations On Tuesday, But Only A Few People Caught It

Date July 12, 2018

After making a silver splash at the Order of the Garter ceremony, we are back to seeing the Queen in her trusty black shoes.


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What you missed at RAF

But, there's a new twist we may have missed when she showed up at the Royal Air Force centenary celebrations on Tuesday.


Not one to be fussy about her go-to style – black shoes and a brightly colored dress – the Queen switched up her shoes without people noticing the change.

But, keen royal watchers were quick to point out that the Queen made this change during the course of the ceremony.

The Queen follows the 'comfy flats' rule too!

She started off wearing a shiny black pair, but at some point, she was spotted wearing her favorite Anello & Davide loafers. Apparently, the 92-year-old Queen gets to carry flats around just in case she needs to get comfy.


She has favored the brand for 50 years, and she possibly had them on when she stood with the family at their famous Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the colorful RAF show.


Side note: it was hard not to notice the closeness between Meghan Markle and the monarch this time round as they hung out together on the balcony. We love!

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