Racist Canadian Man Tells Indian Couple "I Would Kill Your Children First" Over Walmart Parking Space Scuffle

Date July 30, 2018 15:51

Hate speech minions are getting bolder by the day. And it's not surprising given that powerful world leaders, such as Donald Trump, seem to get away with it.


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'Freedom of Speech' gone wrong

But, this one man from Canada is facing the consequence of his 'freedom of speech' after he was caught on camera threatening an Indian family outside a Walmart store in Stoney Creek, east of Hamilton.

The unfortunate incident that took place on Friday afternoon showed the two men confronting each other over a parking spot accident before it escalates.

Speedy arrest

According to the viral video, the white Canadian tells the Indian man and his wife, "I'm racist as ----. I don't like you, I don't like her," he adds. "I would kill your children first."

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Law enforcement officials have since picked him up in line with Canada's criminal code with considers "any offense motivated by hatred or prejudice towards an identifiable group" an hate crime as stated by the BC Hate Crimes website.

America vs Canada

The speedy actions of the police in Canada are a far cry from their American counterparts in Georgia who were recently captured on camera restraining a black child whom they claimed was being erratic.

Although, they released a statement explaining that the 10-year-old was released as soon as he calmed down, the police came under attack for their actions. What do you think about that?

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