25 Years After Mrs. Doubtfire, Pierce Brosnan And His Stepchildren Reunite For A Heartwarming Anniversary Photo

Date October 25, 2018

God bless the internet! The classic 90s film Mrs. Doubtfire just gave us one of the sweetest television reunions ever after a photo of Pierce Brosnan hanging out with his 'stepchildren' surfaced online.

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25 years after Mrs. Doubtfire

This photo comes exactly 25 years after the beloved comedy-drama first captured the hearts of fans over the world right after its release.

The film starred the late Robin Williams as a recently divorced actor (Daniel Hillard) who disguised himself as a matronly housekeeper, Mrs. Doubtfire to keep in touch with his 3 children after he lost custody over them for being an absentee dad.

The internet reacts, and it's beautiful

In the heartwarming film, Brosnan played the role of new boyfriend to William's ex-wife and potential step-dad. And in the sweet reunion photo, he was photographed hanging out with his TV stepkids ahead of the film's 25th anniversary. 


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Lisa Jakub, who played one of the Hillard children, Lydia, shared a photo of the meetup alongside Brosnan and her TV brother and sister, Mara Wilson and Matthew Lawrence.


And then there was this. #mrsdoubtfire #reunion #25yearslater

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Earlier, she shared a throwback clip from the beloved film teasing her followers with hints of the meetup.

Reacting to the photo, commenters got emotional recalling the death of Robin Williams in 2014. But it wasn't all sad reactions. Some imaginative fans got ahead of themselves, suggesting an alternated ending with Brosnan actually ending up with the kids. We can't imagine Mrs. Doubtfire letting him get away with that though. What do you think?

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