Strange Color In The Sky Leaves Residents Of A Town In Florida Stunned Right After Hurricane Michael


October 11, 2018 16:22 By Fabiosa

A strange phenomenon caused a stir in Lake City as hurricane Michael passed through the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday.


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Ever seen a purple sky?

In a video captured by Shelby Danielson of First Coast News, the sky above the city appeared to turn noticeably purple during sunset. The unusual phenomenon was captured from different points by the residents of the city, who shared them online.

The eerie purple sky left residents and most people online stunned, but not everyone found it bizarre.

Some residents took to Twitter to declare their love for 'hurricane weather'. But the reason for this strange coloration remains unexplained, and it is not clear if it has any after-effects. 

Widespread devastation

However, the effects of hurricane Michael have been devastating in major parts of the Florida Panhandle. A reported by CNN, massive damage has been done to Tallahassee, Florida.

Houses and trees were uprooted, with major flooding recorded. So far, 14 fatalities have been reported and experts are naming it the worst storm to hit the region in a century.

How to stay safe after a storm

It's not yet known if there'll be more life-threatening storms for the rest of the year, but now that the worst of hurricane Michael is over, here's a list of what to do after a storm to avoid further casualties.

1. It's important to stay alert for the updates on the extended rainfall and return home only when it's been certified safe to do so.

2. If you are indoors, keep away from wet electrical appliances and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It might be a good time to invest in a durable flashlight instead of candles.

3. If you are outdoors, keep away from flooded areas, fallen power lines, and stray wild animals. Investing in a good mosquito repellant helps too. 

Ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe.

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