Glowing Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Recreate A Moving Throwback Photo From The Queen's 1953 Fiji Trip

Date October 24, 2018

The royals may not manage their social media accounts, but there's no law that says they can't follow online trends.


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Stunning recreation of a family moment

All the way in Fiji, Prince Harry and Meghan served one of the best social media moments ever. Without trying too hard, they recreated a photo moment between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

The photo by Meghan and Harry taken on the hotel balcony of the Grand Pacific Hotel holds a special significance for the Royals. In 1953 when the Queen visited Fiji, she lodged at the hotel and immortalized the moment.

The Duchesses are taking over

Since then, the monarch has stayed over at the Grand Pac Hotel 5 times and Prince Charles also favors the quaint hotel.

Meghan did not waste this rare opportunity to step into the Queen's shoes. When she arrived in Fiji, she was spotted wearing a couple of accessories that paid homage to the royal family. Her earrings were a gift from the Queen and the bracelet she had on was given to her by Prince Charles.


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Like Meghan, fellow Duchess Kate Middleton was recently photographed repping for the Royal family. At a state dinner held in Buckingham Palace, the Duchess of Cambridge wore her first royal order alongside Queen Mary's Lover's Knot tiara and Princess Diana's earrings. These Duchesses don't play!

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