Boxer Attacks Schoolgirl To 'Defend' Her 11-Year-Old Daughter From Bullying

Date September 27, 2018 09:48

28-year-old mom of 3, Jayde Binch, has earned herself a terrible reputation as a thug and she's having a hard time defending herself.

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Thug mom assaulted her daughter's friend

The boxer, who goes by the name Secret Assasin got into an altercation with, of all people, her 11-year-old daughter's classmate Keisha Schofield.

The Sun reports that Binch claims it was a moment of madness in which she had defended her daughter from bullying. But she has now been fined for her actions and is crying over spilled milk over her reputation, now in tatters.

Here's what she should have done

The thug mom has decried the treatment she's gotten following the ill-fated incident. At the moment, she has reportedly lost her job as a fitness instructor in on of the country's biggest gyms and her daughter is continued to be bullied.

A photo of the assaulted girl shows that her face was left bloodied from the attack, but Binch insists that she only grabbed her clothes near her neck.

Irrespective of her claims that her daughter was being bullied, her choice has further escalated what could very well have been resolved by the girls, with an adult overseeing them.

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Conflict is inevitable among humans and children should be taught to deal with quarrels without parents taking sides. It is important to help children work towards building win-win solutions while giving them a fair hearing and incentivizing their ability to come up with conflict resolution tactics.

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