Why Weren't They Shut Down? Nursing Home Exposed After Caregivers Were Secretly Filmed Abusing A 92-Year-Old Dementia Patient

Date October 5, 2018 17:20

A new footage has shown the disturbing treatment a dementia patient got from her caregivers as they tried to get her in bed.

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Caregivers caught in the act

The vile video made with a hidden camera shows the three caregivers shoving 92-year-old Jean Robin in bed. They repeatedly flung her legs in bed and forced her head down.

At one point, she tries to take a swipe at one of the ladies. They laugh and continue with their manhandling of the sick woman.

Her son, Ed Robins told ABC Australia that he was forced to hide a camera in the room where his mom was receiving care at the Perth's Morrison Lodge nursing home after he noticed bruises and skin tears on her body.

A judge says they are innocent

Mrs. Robins is said to have broken her legs recently and in addition to that, her worsening dementia often made her forget that she could no longer walk. /

Once, when she fell from the effort, she was left on the floor crying for help for about 20 mins, and according to a nursing home abuse statistic, cases like this are staggering.

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A cold 2 million cases of elder abuse are reported every year and even with this number, the elderly are the least likely demographic to report abuses of this nature.

This particular case was reported to the Perth police though, but the outcome was shocking. Two of the nurses were charged with 12 counts of assault, but a judge acquitted them on the ground that Mrs. Robin was a particularly difficult patient to deal with.

What to do if you suspect that an elderly person is being abused

People are outraged by this, but what is the correct way to react if you are suspicious that an elderly person is getting abused? The warning signs are not limited to unexplainable injuries, emotional distress and/or malnutrition. /

They could also extend to unpaid bills and unusual withdrawals from the elderly person's bank accounts. Once it is clear to you that any of these activities have taken place, it's time to get the services of a professional who can help with investigations or call 911. It's important that abusive people and organizations are held accountable.

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