Without Meaning To Let It Slip, Kelly Clarkson Confirms An Awful News: She's Lost Her Estranged Dad

Date February 21, 2019

Kelly Clarkson kept a secret from her fans for months, but she finally let it slip in a recent interview with Forbes. She has lost her father, Stephen Michael Clarkson.


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Relationship with her dad

The Piece by Piece singer had a complicated relationship with her dad from whom she was estranged. For years the two tried to repair their father-daughter bond without success.

Without Meaning To Let It Slip, Kelly Clarkson Confirms An Awful News: She's Lost Her Estranged DadGetty Images / Ideal Image

She told Skavlan in 2017 that she had not been in touch with him for years because the relationship was cancerous and unhealthy for her.

But she hinted at the fact that her father may have been unaware of the hurt he'd continued to cause her.

Losing him

As she opened up about her new talk show and a cover of Shallow to Forbes, she was asked by interviewer Scott King why her song Piece by Piece makes her cry each time she performs it.

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Clarkson explained that it held a lot of emotions for her and reminded her of all the moments she'd tried to make it work with her dad, before casually letting it slip that he'd passed away:

From the moment I wrote it, just being pregnant with my little girl and then you know all the moments that I really did try and make it work with my father and life and just get completely let down to where... You know he passed away months ago. So that's that's why.

She grew up without him

Clarkson did not grow up with her father in her life. Her parents separated when she was 6 and her brother was sent to live with Stephen while her sister went to live with an aunt.


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Stephen remarried and had other children without trying to have a relationship with his daughter. She told Skavlan that she's never really missed him because he wasn't present.

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