Texas Woman Says She Lost Her Home And Suffered Several Injuries While Working For Amazon Without Compensation

Date August 6, 2018

Amazon is getting dragged for its mistreatment of an injured staff who’s currently homeless and calling attention to the company’s problematic policies.


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Amazon workplace accident

All of this comes as the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos was recently announced as the richest man in modern history at $150 billion, knocking Bill Gates to second place according to Bloomberg.

While he celebrates his obscene billions, one of his employees, Vickie Shannon Allen, has posted several YouTube videos claiming she was mistreated after a workplace accident made her unable to carry out her job at their Texas fulfilment warehouse.

Mistreatment and hush money

According to Allen, she hurt her back while counting goods at a work station where the company had failed to replace a missing brush guard – an equipment that should have stopped their goods from falling off shelving units.

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While she was unable to carry out her duties because of her predicament, she was sent home daily without pay. The Guardian reports that even after she got better and returned to her work station, the brush guard was still missing, and she hurt her back again.

Are Amazon workers cash cows?

After working without pay for 3 weeks, she was back to taking an unpaid leave. And when she finally had a chance to raise the issue with management months later, they offered a paltry $3,500 buyout in exchange for her silence on the matter.


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Her story is heart-breaking one, but it isn’t particularly shocking. A Coshnetwork report states that Amazon was listed by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health as one of the most dangerous places to work in 2018.

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