"It's Unforgiving!": PR Expert Slams Meghan Markle's Aides Over Their Inept Handling Of Her Family Drama

Date April 19, 2019

Meghan Markle’s family drama has been making the headlines ever since her wedding last spring, from which her father and his older kids were conspicuously absent.


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Meghan's relationship with her dad and step-siblings turned sour, and they have attacked her repeatedly. The dad, Thomas Markle, has made a huge show begging Meghan not to cut him off. Meghan’s step-siblings, Samantha Markle and Thomas Markle Jr., have tried to present her as a bad daughter who abandoned her father.


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The media only fueled the conflict, and it has hurt Meghan’s public image. But where has the royals' PR team been all this time?

It seems they are waiting for the whole situation to just blow over, which is a huge mistake, according to weathered PR man Mark Borkowski.

The expert slams Meghan’s PR team

PR expert Mark Borkowski has seen it all. He worked with Michael Jackson and Mikhail Gorbachev, so it’s safe to assume he knows how damage control is done right.


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Mark once compared Meghan’s family drama to a “soap opera”. But it’s not all Meghan’s fault; the expert considers the work of the Duchess’ PR people disappointing.

In ITV’s new documentary Harry and Meghan: A Royal Baby, the PR guru says the royals’ aides could and should have done more to control the situation:

When you are dealing with AA list celebrities, it is really tough. It is unforgiving.

The royal household didn’t deal with her family and cut them off, and separated them out, and they became “the embarrassing dad”. That was a huge mistake.

[Meghan] is a Hollywood actress. She knows what it is to project. She understands the demands of the media. It’s the Meghan show.


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When asked what he would recommend personally to Duchess Meghan at this point, Mark said:

What I would advise is pick your battles, pick your moments. You enjoy the good days. You try and forget about the bad days.

How is Meghan feeling about this?

Although Meghan has been understandably upset by her family’s antics, she has more important things to focus on.


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Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Fox News that the Duchess’ top priority at the moment isn’t dealing with her dad’s side of the family:

I think really she’s been incredibly hurt and disappointed by how many members of her family have behaved, but from what I am told, she’s moved on.


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Right now, Meghan is consumed by preparations for her baby’s birth. And, by the look of things, it’s unlikely that the baby will meet his or her maternal grandpa or step-uncle and step-aunt.