"We Are Of The Same Mind": Harry Hamlin Dishes On His Marriage To Lisa Rinna In A Rare Candid Interview


April 11, 2019 14:39 By Fabiosa

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have the most unique and unlikely love story on the show.


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The pair met through Lisa’s former boss (the owner of an eyeglass store where she used to work), who also happens to be Harry’s friend. That first meeting was in 1992, and they said ‘I do’ to each other in 1997. It’s been more than two decades of marital bliss for these two!


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Some may wonder: “They are so different! What keeps them together, anyway?” But, according to Harry, the contrast is exactly what keeps their marriage strong.

Harry opens up about the secrets of his lasting marriage

After all these years together, Lisa and Harry’s marriage is as rock-solid as ever! And their union truly has all the things a good marriage should have: love, friendship, and equality.


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In a new interview with Us Weekly, Harry said:

Lisa and I are of the same mind. When you get married, you get married. So we have a very functional relationship and we respect each other and listen to each other and admire each other and we let each other be. We’re not helicopter husband and wife.


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Harry acknowledges that he and Lisa are two very different people, but in their case it’s exactly one of the things that make their relationship work. Harry said:

I have no idea why opposites attract but we are completely and utterly opposite.

But I love to cook and she doesn’t, so we all get fed as a result of that. I have no interest in pop culture and she does so whatever I know about pop culture I get from her.

As far as the science stuff goes, she’s marginally into that but she’s very busy with all the things that she’s doing.


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The couple started their own clothing company a few years ago, and the contrast between them has proven to be an asset. Harry said:

She’s able to do the creative part of fashion and I’m able to do the business part so we keep the company going, I can keep the nuts and bolts going and she keeps the fun stuff going.


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All in all, Harry thinks he and Lisa make “a good team.”

Lisa and Harry’s daughters

Lisa and Harry welcomed their first daughter, Delilah, in 1998. Her sister, Amelia, arrived in 2001.


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The girls are grown up now and have started careers in modeling. Lisa says that the family’s celebrity status isn’t a factor – Amelia and Delilah have been working hard to make their own way.


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But anyway, the girls have a great example to look up to!

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