Joking, Again? Amy Schumer Reveals Her Newborn's Bizarre Name And People Online Can't Believe It's Real

Date May 9, 2019 10:05

Amy Schumer announced her pregnancy around the same time with Meghan Markle and joked she would time her labor to give birth at the same time with the Duchess.


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Ironically, Amy and Meghan’s babies were actually born around the same time! The 37-year-old comedian announced the arrival of her baby boy on Monday, sharing a sweet picture of herself, her husband Chris Fischer, and their newborn.

She wrote in the caption:

10:55 pm last night. Our royal baby was born.


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Fans didn’t have to wait long for another picture of Amy and Chris’ baby. In the new snap Amy has shared, Chris is gently holding their son, and the baby himself is staring intently.

The new mom also revealed the boy’s name in the caption:

Gene Attell Fischer And his dad Chris.


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The picture garnered more than 20,000 comments, including reactions from other celebs. Here are some of them:

@glennclose (Glenn Close):

Congratulations, Amy! YOU DID IT! He is gorgeous. Sending love.

@juliannemoore (Julianne Moore):

Beautiful ❤️

@ashleygraham (Ashley Graham):


@katewalsh (Kate Walsh):


Oddly, many of them seem to have overlooked Amy’s name choice for the baby, which fans think is a weird joke.


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Fans are in disbelief

Many Amy’s fans are convinced that the baby’s name is just another joke. Try to say “Gene Attell” out loud and you’ll see why!

Here are a few reactions:

It does sound like a joke very much in Amy’s usual fashion, so let’s assume that’s what it is. For now.